Welcome To The Ilion High School Class of 1957 Information Site!

This site is intended for the private enjoyment of the Class of 1957 and our friends and families. It was established to gather stories and pictures of a class that graduated over forty years ago.

Ilion is a village of about 10,000 people on the Erie Canal in upstate New York. It was, and still is, a factory town.

In the fifties many of our fathers and mothers and older friends were working at "The Typewriter" or in "The Arms," two branches of the Remington empire, one building guns, the other mechanical typewriters. A few of our friends were soldering together room-size masses of wires and tubes, building the first commercial Univac "computing machines."

There were about a hundred of us in our graduating class. Most of us had known each other as very young children, from early grade school. Like so many graduates, we went our separate ways and built our separate lives.

This is a humble site, not established to toot our horn and brag to the world; somehow that just doesn't fit us at this time of our lives. It's meant to be a warm site where we can relax and open our hearts to old friends. We hope this site will act as a friendly vehicle, allowing us to catch up with those childhood friends and share our experiences.

We hope you will understand when we tell you that this is a private gathering and that opening it to the world would tend to stifle our conversations.

Thank you for visiting us.
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